Our Story

Founded in 2015, NARI offers the world's first luxury skincare line that is natural, vegan, and 100% Halal-Certified. NARI seeks to create a community of conscientious consumers committed to the health and flourishing of their bodies, as well as their spirits. A fully-staffed R&D team, led by a renowned chemist with over three decades experience, oversees the development of incredibly potent, astonishingly effective skincare products that work from the inside, while also making an impact on the world.



In particular, NARI is looking to meet the needs of a significant demographic with unique needs for Natural, Vegan and Halal skincare products that are not met by the world's leading luxury brands. 


NARI was founded to answer this NEED, offering high-end products that align the with individual NEEDS, while delivering RESULTS.

NARI SkinCare is ushering in a revolution in consumer goods, uniting the advances and development of modern technology with the spirit and morality of conscientious consumers wanting RESULTS without sacrificing beliefs.



At the same time, NARI SkinCare recognizes and celebrates individual beauty and comfort in one’s skin. So, we developed a natural and safe skin care line to honor, nourish, and protect the skin, as well as promote nurturing self-care and make an impact on the world.

Our products are of professional grade, highly potent with no water added, thus allowing the products to perform at their optimal level to achieve results in a shorter amount of time.


The average person unknowingly uses 3-11 skin care products containing carcinogens and hormone disruptors on a daily basis. Our nourishing formulations are developed to honor the skin by treating it gently and well, instead of aggressively and harsh like other products.

We are proud of our commitment to honor animals by not testing on or using animal-derived ingredients.

Our products are:




Not tested on animals

Ethically Sourced

Socially Responsible

What's in our Name?

We came up with the name NARI, using a combination of letters in the names of my daughters and me, only later to discover that NARI means “A young beautiful Woman" in Sanskrit (a spiritual language), taking this as a sign from the universe propelling me to move forward in my quest.

I present to you NARI SkinCare
, a trusted brand of skin care products that actually works!

Look Great. Feel Well. Be Fabulous.