Unique Bottling

What’s in our Bottling?

Currently, the majority of skincare products are packaged in jars with screw-on lids from products sold at high-end department stores to drug store brands. At NARI SkinCare, we are dedicated to educating and bringing awareness to our clients about the importance of proper skincare packaging.

The educated woman must be aware of how certain environmental contaminations, and compromises affect the integrity and safety of the product. Especially, in luxury skin care products with anti-aging face treatments formulated with active ingredients sensitive to light and oxygen. We spend hundreds of dollars on high-end products promising to perform miracles on our skin, yet not realizing how we contaminate those expensive creams every time we use them.

For decades now, we have been sold on the innovative technologies developed to treat and enhance skin conditions through more potent and active ingredients allowing the product to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Although, all these discoveries have gained a lot of traction within the skin care industry, the one thing the industry is still struggling with is changing the mindset of the consumer in regards to the core elements of packaging and its role in maintaining the integrity of the ingredients throughout its life cycle. To ensure the last drop of the product is as effective as the first.

Airless dispensers are the most expensive type of packaging available for skin care products due to many components integrated into them. Most brands don’t use them because it means production costs go up, and profit margins go down. However, NARI SkinCare is dedicated to packaging our products in airless dispensers to guarantee the efficacy of our skin care formulations.

All of NARI SkinCare products, especially the anti-aging treatments are more complex and have been formulated using the latest technology containing highly sensitive ingredients. Sophisticated formulas and ingredients tend to be more susceptible and need airtight or airless bottles to keep them fresh and from oxidizing.

Airless bottles eliminate contact with air after the fill process resulting in formulas drying out, no contamination, no discoloration, and keeping the integrity and potency of the product after opening. That is why protecting the integrity of our product is of the utmost importance.

Another crucial aspect of the airless bottle is the pump mechanism allowing the user to dispense an accurate amount of product desired. Not only does the client get proper dosing, but 100% of the product is also able to get dispensed, and there is no waste. As a consumer, I’ve gone through a lot of frustration for not being able to dispense all the product from the insides of plastic tubes and pump bottles, which translated to me as money being thrown away with the bottle.

NARI SkinCare is your partner to make sure your skin care products are safe and packaged with optimal return on making you look and feel good at a price that won't break the bank.