NARI is the condensation of a quest!

As each drop of honey containing the essence of hundreds of flowers, NARI is the assimilation of a lifetime’s efforts to find the best skin care products that fulfill my needs, not just outwardly but also inwardly. It is as much cleansing and nourishment of the conscience as it is beautification and adornment of the skin.

Throughout my life, I have been mindful of using the best and most innovative products for my skin care. However, the broader I studied the market, the more significant gaps I identified: if a product was scientifically sound, it often lacked on the ethical front. If it was conscientiously produced, it lagged in being effective.

The gap compelled me to look for a solution that would be wholesome in all respects. Thus I decided to create products which deliver the optimal results and transforms the skin to its most RADIANT. Being a living proof of the efficacy and quality of my products, I launched my label to share this ethos with the world.

Within a short span of being on the market, we have established that our customers who follow our skin care regimen rave about our product and have switched from other high-end brands.

What sets NARI apart is that it’s not just another product on the market with for the sale-oriented market. Behind NARI, there is a bigger vision. I wanted to create a Community of Conscious Consumers who demand the highest ethical standards from the brands they love. A community that takes care of themselves and also wants to make a meaningful social impact in the world.

In addition to an animal-friendly, a vegan and halal-certified process in each stage of manufacturing, we wholeheartedly believe in the individual and corporate responsibility to do good by our clients, our community and also ensure a percentage of our profits go towards funding projects to educate and empower women and support orphan children around the world.

With NARI, you have a holistic skincare product range for the conscientious consumer; where purity and ethics meet nature, science and cutting-edge innovation.

Vegan SkinCare VS. Cruelty-free

Vegan SkinCare

If you don’t know what “vegan skin care” is, you’re certainly not alone. Vegan skincare includes products created without the use of ingredients from animals or animal byproducts.

NARI is committed to educating the consumers around the world to be more aware of their skin care products. NARI prides itself in offering a luxury anti-aging Vegan skincare line which can be a soothing alternative to regular products with irritating ingredients. Our Vegan skin care products contain safe, active ingredients to repair and hydrate the skin’s below its surface, which is more beneficial to the skin when applied daily and over time.

Cruelty-free SkinCare

In the animal rights movement, cruelty-free is a label for products or activities that do not harm or kill animals anywhere in the world. Products tested on animals are not considered cruelty-free since these tests are often painful and cause the suffering and death of millions of animals every year.

NARI SkinCare is committed to ensuring our products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

What is Halal?
Halal is the framework of the dietary guideline in Islamic law. Beyond just avoiding alcohol and certain animal by-products (pork, in particular), Halal is an Arabic term meaning permissible or lawful - which means all that is actively recommended for consumption in Islam. While its opposite is called Haram that signifies unlawful or prohibited. Both terms rule Muslims’ dietary living and other activities. It includes food, personal care products, cosmetics, banking, clothing, travel and more.

Halal is a holistic set of practices that encourage the natural purity of the product in the process of manufacturing. It dictates the humane and ethical treatment of animals, the responsible treatment of the environment and a socially beneficial system for workers, employees etc. A practice that has gained considerable traction in the past few years in the US, as well as Globally.

At NARI, we aim to educate consumers about the significance of the Islamic Principals, which calls for a more conscientious consumption of products.

As Muslim consumers, we need to be fully aware of the tenets of Tayyib, which advocates the production of pure, wholesome, and ethically sound goods. Certified Halal products should meet the standards of Tayyib, meeting regulations of Islamic Principals, by properly identifying all ingredients, and avoiding those that are questionable or harmful and toxic.

Cosmetic and personal care products are not exempt from the guidelines of Halal and Tayyib practices. Unfortunately, most products used around the world by the Muslim community contain alcohol, pork derivatives, or other toxic ingredients that are both harmful and prohibited.

NARI SkinCare is committed to educating Muslim consumers around the world to be more aware of the ingredients found in their cosmetics and skincare, and demand large brands to adhere to our religious, ethical, and moral requirements - so that we can better heal our bodies, our souls, and our planet.


Purest of Quality -
Our products contain the highest concentration of natural and active ingredients to penetrate the skin for optimal results.

Safest of Ingredients - Our products are formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalate.

Optimal Packaging -
Our products are packaged in airless bottles to ensure efficacy until the last drop.

Why Choose NARI SkinCare as your Halal SkinCare Partner?

Our renowned chemist has developed and formulated products for some of the top brands in the skincare industry. With 20 years of experience using the latest technology available, together we have been able to formulate a safe and natural Halal skincare line that WORKS!!

In-House Research & Development

Our fully-staffed R&D department stays current with all the latest changes and technology in the skin care industry and is always working to bring new and exciting products to our line. All our products are produced in-house and go through rigorous quality control.

Environmental, People & Animal Conscious

NARI SkinCare prides itself on never engaging in animal testing or using animal derivatives. All our products are free of parabens, a common irritant found in many other skin care products. We are committed to only using safe and natural ingredients that work without any harmful side effects and are dedicated to using GREEN materials.

Advanced Technologies

Nari SkinCare prides itself on its ability to stay up to date with advancing technologies, from the latest vitamin therapies to neuropeptide, probiotics, hyaluronic acid and idebenone (an antioxidant similar to Vitamin C & E. Our manufacturing process utilizes cold-water processing to ensure the integrity of our active ingredients by avoiding heat degradation.

Manufactured & bottled in the US.